Jazzamenco (Remastered)

Wayne Wesley Johnson

Wayne Wesley Johnson, a multi instrumentalist (former drummer for Les Paul) showcases his guitar mastery along with many of his musician friends that exhibit both similar and different styles and techniques.

Discover “Jazzamenco” tm ...”A unique blend of jazz improvisation and chord shapes with rumba flamenca (nuevo flamenco) rhythms.”

I am

Wayne Wesley Johnson, a multi instrumentalist (former drummer for Les Paul) showcases his guitar mastery along with many of his musician friends that exhibit both similar and different styles and techniques.

Discover “Jazzamenco” tm ...”A unique blend of jazz improvisation and chord shapes with rumba flamenca (nuevo flamenco) rhythms.”

I am pleased to present this double album “Jazzamenco” tm by Wayne Wesley Johnson & Friends, comprised of remastered tunes selected from our “Hypnotic Safari” ,”Canciones del alma, “ “Flamenco Flavors” and “Flamenco Festival” CDs, plus three additional new bonus tracks, “ Passion”, “Ticklestick” (2016 New Mexico Music Award Finalist / Best Jazz / Best Instrumental) & “Summertime”.

I am grateful to all of the Artists that shared in the recording process with me and to our fans for their continued support and encouragement. In particular, I would like to again thank my brothers at YPO Keystone Chapter Forum #7 for providing much of the resources needed in order to make this dream of mine, a reality. Therefore, I am dedicating this “Jazzamenco” tm album in their honor.

Thank You Wayne Wesley Johnson Electric/Acoustic Steel & Nylon String Guitars, Guitar Synthesizers, Godin Glissentar, Flaquinto tm, Fender Bass VI, Piano, Drums.

Wayne Wesley Johnson is a professional Award Winning Guitarist who formerly toured with guitar legend, Les Paul, recorded and performed with Nokie Edwards (The Ventures), and others, and has performed with Mason Williams (Classical Gas). He has sold over 80,000 CDs worldwide and his music is heard Internationally on over 400 radio stations and on "Roswell," "Malcolm in the Middle," Discovery Channel, "Outward Bound," MTV's "Made," and the Weather Channel to name but a few. He has toured and performed all over the world including China, Israel, Europe, South America and in most of the 50 states.

Wayne Wesley Johnson is also a dynamic player in that he is filled with emotion and expression. There may be soft romantic passages complimented by more energetic and exciting moments always keeping the listeners and audiences engaged in the musical moment.

Wayne now spends his time touring, performing, songwriting, recording and producing music for his own artist owned Wannadu record label.

Artists that accompany Wayne on these tracks in alphabetical order: Paul Arntz - Bass Thom Bresh - Guitar (feat) Rusty Crutcher - Sax (feat) Edgar Cruz - Guitar (feat) Tom Doyle - Guitar (feat) Nokie Edwards - Guitar (feat) Tim Farrell - Guitar (feat) Jon Gagan - Upright Bass (feat) Gao Hong - Chinese Pipa (feat) Sher Lindsay - Keyboards/Vocals (feat) Ben Lucero - Bass Consuelo Luz - Ethereal Voices Josef Martinez - Latin Percussion K C Morris - Drums/Percussion Lou Pallo - Guitar (feat) Mario Reynolds - Pan Flute/Charango (feat) Ruben Romero - Guitar (feat) Tim Stroh - Bass

Executive Producer Wayne Wesley Johnson dba Wannadu, LLC

Produced by Wayne Wesley Johnson dba Wannadu, LLC

Co-Producers Ruben Romero CD1 tracks 2,3 4,6,9,11,15 CD2 tracks 16,18,21,25,27

Sher Lindsay CD2 track 24 “Passion”

Tom Doyle CD1 1,5,7,8,10,12,13,14 CD2. 17,19,21,23,26,28,29,30

Tracking: Stepbridge Studios- Santa Fe, NM CD1 1,2,3,4,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,15 CD2 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,25,27,28

Sound Control Studios - Nashville, TN CD1. 5,14 CD2. 26,29

Sher Lindsay Productions CD 2. 24

Mixing: Stepbridge Studios, Santa Fe, NM CD1 tracks 1,2,3,4 5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 CD2 tracks. 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,25,26,27,28,29

Colorado Sound Studios CD1. track 8 CD2. track 30

Sher Lindsay Productions CD2. track 24

Mastering Terra Nova Digital , Austin, Texas CD1 tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13, 14,15 CD2 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,25,26,27,28,29

Colorado Sound Studios CD1 track 8 CD 2. track 30

Remastering: Rt 66 Studios , Bernalillo, NM

Engineers Stepbridge Studios Tim Stroh, William Bartley, Eric Fruits, Steve Malcolm

Terra Nova Digital Jerry Tubb

Sher Lindsay Productions Sher Lindsay

Rt. 66 Studios David Heidt

Songwriters: Johnson Johnson/Romero Johnson/Lindsay Others where noted

Publishers: Wannadu, LLC Wannadu LLC/Ruben Romero Music Wannadu LLC/Sher Lindsay Productions Others where noted

World Class Guitar Music

Acoustic/Electric/Fingerstyle/Jazz/World Beat/Rumba Flamenca/Nuevo Flamenco/New Age

Categorize as Instrumental/Jazz/World/Nuevo flamenco

*CD REVIEWS AND PERFORMANCE TESTIMONIALS: (note: these are from our other clients and media, reprinted with permission).

*Your "musical magic" made it a wonderful day for all of us, Wayne, thank you! We look forward to next opportunity, hopefully with Mito.

Lee Berk, President Emeritus Berklee College of Music / Friends of Santa Fe

*"Wayne Wesley's rasgueado is like a swarm of bees dancing around with honey combs in their hair." Mason Williams (famous composer of "Classical Gas") Eugene, Oregon

*Wayne Wesley Johnson - CANCIONES DEL ALMA (SONGS FROM THE SOUL): Several guest artists on this round with Wayne''s fantastic guitars. The title tells it all... these are definitely SONGS (not chicken-scratch noise sculptures), & they (all) reach right in & grab your spirit - make it sing! Shades of Santana's most recent efforts, but distinctly Mr. Johnson's fingers. The compositions are allowed to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out and take their own sweet time; no one-hit wonders on the album. We''ve reviewed Johnson''s works before, & always found them attractive (especially if you love the fire inherent in Latin-based musics). Patterns are similar to songs you've heard (all these years), but Wayne Wesley infuses the performances with high-end energy that will have you clackin'' yer'' castanets from the opener to the end-run. I don''t (really) feature this as "road music", but a coupla'' margaritas on your patio with Wayne''s songs will have you whippin'' out your Zorro sword to make yer'' mark on th'' lawn... heh! heh! Thoroughly enjoyable, this gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us! Rotcod Zzaj Improvijazzation Nation site: Zzaj Productions Catalog site: --Dick Metcalf, aka Rotcod Zzaj Productions Lacey, Washington

*As a friend of Wayne's, and a guitarist, I can honestly tell you he is a multi-talented individual, whose efforts should be heard by a world wide audience He not only plays the guitar with panache, but composes new pieces, as well devising great arrangements of the standards. His idea to put "jazzamenco" percussion as the rhythm for a re-recording of "Pipeline" is a classic example. He has been and continues to be a featured performer at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society conventions. Only the very best of the fingerstyle guitarists receive that recognition. Bob Snyder --Georgia Fingerstyle Guitarist's Assn. Albany, GA

*Wayne is an extremely talented individual both in writing and performing. Our clientele truly enjoyed his music and many times asked if they could purchase CD's of his work. We play his CD's at the restaurant and constantly hear great things from those who listen to the music while dining. John Sorrenti Owner Veneto Restaurant, Bedminster, NJ --Veneto Restaurant Bedminster, NJ

*Wayne- You are incredible!Your 'Songs from the soul' cd is an extraordinarily beautiful and varied cd.The production shows a life long dream has come to pass for you.Jazz,flamenco,world music,Ventures melodies blending together beautifully by your wise choice of expert musicians and great playing!What a producer you are! I love the pipa and guitar together.If I don't hear your music on the next Karate movie I watch I'll consider it a horrible injustice to you! Seriously,your dedication to the beauty of music will be reaching out to all my friends and students and fellow music lovers.If they haven't heard of Wayne Wesley Johnson before they will now! Sincerely,John Sheehan --John Sheehan Ringwood, NJ

*Congratulations Wayne! You have a certifiable hit on your hands! This is one of the best CD's I have ever listened to and it has immediately become one of my all time favorites! Thank you so very much for this gift, I truly enjoy it! I particularly like to listen to cuts #13, 14 , 1 and 2 in that order - and playing cuts #14 and #2 over and over several times in a row You are lucky I haven't sent you a speeding ticket to pay for - this is the only CD I play in my BMW and I get to grooving on your music and drive the car to the pace of the tunes! I just listen to the music and get lost in the exotic images that come to my imagination and the next thing I know I am zooming down some back country mountain road pretty fast! I really enjoy Melancolia - your performance of this song is very smooth and comes across very hypnotic - I enjoy listening to it over and over. This is a very solid CD - no weak points at all! You have done great work! I can't wait for your next release! I am in the planning stages of next years concert season (9/03 - 5/04) and I would love to have you perform for us if it were possible See you in Nashville - Joe --Joe Bolton Knoxville, TN

*Wayne is a true guitar aficionado, he is a collector, designer as well as a fine player. His recent collaboration with Ruben Romero (Hypnotic Safari, avail. at Hallmark stores everywhere) is a unique blend of jazz, classical,and fingerstyle with a rumba rhythm Wayne calls it "Jazzamenco". Wayne is multi-talented and has toured with the legendary Les Paul as a drummer and has also sat in on drums with Nokie Edwards of "The Ventures." Wayne has several Leach guitars: Rachel (with Willoughby cut-away), Franconia, a 16" Archtop and Jurassic Guitar and has a "Bresh Spirit" too. Wayne has also had a great effect on Leach Guitars, his "subtle" design hints into what collectors "see" were invaluable, as was his "networking"( several of the endorsers on this page were met through Wayne). Harvey Leach --H.G. Leach Guitar Company Grass Valley, CA.

*80 Million Daily Listeners * 6 Million Homes * 180,000 Businesses * 30 Airlines Worldwide................. Greetings Wayne, this is KenKi Johnson with DMX Music and I was just listening to the Riviera channel and my attention was grabbed by a tune I heard. I immediately checked my remote to see what the tune was and it was "Hypnotic Safari". Apparently I had a copy of this CD and on January 6 I added both "Hypnotic Safari" and "Entre dos Montanas" to the Riviera channel. Both are on high rotation and doing just fine. I will review the "Songs from the Soul" CD before the week is done. Thanks a ton partner!! --DMX Music Los Angeles , CA

*Jazz Guitar meets Nuevo Flamenco and time-trips, January 28, 2003 ...... Reviewer: Joanna Daneman..... If you like Nuevo Flamenco (Ottmar Liebert, for example) and you also like Jazz Guitar (Al Dimeola, Django Reinhardt) you will find this as interesting a CD as I did. Wayne Wesley Johnson and Latin percussionist Josef Martinez team up with guests on this album and give a wide sampling of their Santa Fe sound. The sound has been called "Jazzamenco" for very good reason: it is jazzy but has Latin tunes and rhythms. But the sound is also a very polished "big-studio" with a harking back to the Latin craze of the 50''s and a touch of that smooth, sophisticated cocktail-lounge sound. Listening to this CD, I occasionally felt I was taking a time-trip back to the 50''s or 60''s, with a brief stop in the 70''s and back to the 90''s. This CD definitely takes you places. All kinds of places. If you love a breezy Latin and Jazz guitar sound with more than a bit of tongue-in-cheek and a vague hint of country-with-Spaghetti-Western soundtrack, you will adore this CD and play it over and over. It''s a mood-lifter. If you like your guitar to have the rough but deeply felt sound of Gypsy guitar in a dark, smokey Paris Le Club Jazz or a Spanish flamenco boite, pass this one up --Joanna Daneman Middletown, Delaware

*CD Review: Canciones del alma (Songs from the Soul) Style: World Music.... Musicians: Wayne Wesley Johnson, guitar, composer. Various guest artists including Mario Reynolds on pan flute/charango...... Review: Without doubt, Wayne Wesley Johnson is a world class guitarist, and the jazz listening audience will find his new CD collection, CANCIONES DEL ALMA, a wonderful blend of world music and contemporary jazz. His guitar performances are flawless There are 14 songs on the CD. Among the many selections are "Cancion del alma," "Fire of the Gypsy," "Sambaleo," the intricate "The River Suite." The performances on this CD are topnotch, and the musicians with Wayne Wesley Johnson are topnotch. For those who enjoy world music with contemporary jazz influences, CANCIONES DEL ALMA is excellent listening and entertaining. For those who enjoy the stylings of Wayne Wesley Johnson, he is at his finest on CANCIONES DEL ALMA. Great entertainment for jazz guitar fans! ..... Reviewer: Lee Prosser Foyil, Oklahoma

*Re: Annual Conference/Showcase......Thanks Wayne for attending. The members loved you and hope you can come again soon. With people like yourself attending our meeting, your helping us to build and teach Fingerstyle Guitar. Thanks: J.D.Roberts --Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists / AFG Santa Ana, California

*Wesley Wayne Johnson - Canciones del Alma / Hypnotic Safari Wesley Wayne calls himself a "Jazzmenco" guitarist -- obviously a combination of Jazz and Flamenco, but these two recordings make it clear that there is much more to it than that. Backed by Latin percussion, bass and keyboards and sax when needed, WW and Ruben Romero lay down some intricate but mellow songs that will put you in a relaxed mood as you travel on your Hypnotic Safari. Guest artists Tom Doyle, Nokie Edwards, Gao Hong, and others help out on Canciones del Alma, WWs first solo album. You''ll hear many original melodies and a totally new take on classics like "Walk Don''t Run" and "Pipeline". Get your copy or download an mp3 at this website. Kirk Schutte --Kirk Schutte, Independent Review Madison, WI

*I enjoy this type of music so I tend to listen to alot of it. Since Wayne is a relatively new artist, I wasn''t sure of what to expect. However, after listening to the CD I can tell you that this artist (and CD) is a real undiscovered gem. This easy listening production is some of the best music of this genre I have ever heard. Soothing and stimulating all in one very entertaining package. As with his other works, Wayne seamlessly blends jazz, r&b and Spanish flamenco flavor with ease. The arrangements flow, the melodies captivate and you''ll find yourself hitting the replay button over and over again This CD is a first rate entry into Wayne''s already impressive portfolio Buy it with confidence, it''s loaded with tracks you''ll enjoy over and over again. --Raymond J. Cobos Kearny, NJ

*When I planned a small, intimate marriage ceremony and reception for my son and his fiance, there were many unique details that needed to be addressed: the couple yearned to have the rich rhythmic music of a classical guitarist; the officiating pastor had certain definite feelings about appropriate musical chorus' during the actual ceremony; the luncheon reception to follow would call for a more lively, celebratory entertainment. Knowing these elements, Wayne called upon his experience with weddings and went out of his way to satisfy all involved. The result was a beautifully sensitive accompaniment to the pastor's words, responding to his cues---the music was softly woven into the nuptials. Wayne did a completely separate setup for the luncheon reception---his unique styling highlighted many of the songs. He included the couple's favorite pieces, working their presentation into the joyously emotional afternoon. The groom had specifically asked for a classical guitarist to play. He was very happy with Wayne's presentation, and found (as we all did) this talented gentleman to also be most congenial and comfortable to be with. Wayne was highly professional in contracting and planning this event, working closely with me as details fluctuated and changed. He handles his set up and break-down efficiently, quickly and quietly, requiring very little support. Our family was very pleased. --Joan England Santa Fe, NM

*Hi Wayne, I received your box today. I am listening to "Safari" as we type. I love that CD the best! It has started me pondering which place would be the best to contact here in vegas? The Billagio has a piano, bar, etc area right across from the check in? I''m thinking. hmmmmm I think what I might do is wait until after Nascar which is ...

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