Wayne Wesley Johnson & Sher Lindsey-Ham

Sexy, Sensual & Romantic Smooth Jazz by guitarist Wayne Wesley Johnson & vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Sher Lindsey-Ham.

"Passion" by Wayne Wesley Johnson & Sher Lindsey-Ham

Jazz guitarist, Wayne Wesley Johnson (Wannadu, LLC) and vocalist / multi instrumentalist, Sher Lindsey-Ham (OFD Productions) met on facebook and immediately became good friends. As independent recording artists, they're music has been mutually aired on many of the same Jazz Radio Stations, worldwide. They recognized each other's talents and mutual affection for Smooth Jazz and each other's musical styles. What started out as casual conversation blossomed into a songwriting, producing, recording, and publishing collaboration which has culminated in the sexy, sensual and smooth sound of their first instrumental release together...."Passion."

The duo is already discussing their next creation. We hope you enjoy "Passion" as much as the Artist's did creating it.

"The return of the slow dance..." (60 bpm)

"Passion" was co-written and co-produced by Wayne Wesley Johnson and Sher Lindsey-Ham and will be released 2/1/2012 on the Wannadu, LLC label.

Label: Wannadu, LLC / BMI & Sound Exchange Registered All rights reserved
Songwriting, Publishing and copyrights co-owned by Wayne Wesley Johnson (Wannadu Music) and Sher Lindsey-Ham (One Floor Down Productions)

Musicians: Wayne Wesley Johnson , Guitar Sher Lindsey-Ham, Vocals, Keyboards, other

Tracking: Sher Lindsey-Ham (One Floor Down Productions) , Rhode Island Ryan Oglesby (Ryzhun Productions) , Rio Rancho, NM

Midi tracking: Keith Ham

Mixing/Mastering Sher Lindsey Ham (One Floor Down Productions) We extend our appreciation to Thomas Doyle (Les Paul Trio - Engineer) for lending an ear and his assistance during mixdown.


Wayne dedicates his musical contribution to the late Wes Montgomery and to the late Barry White & the Love Unlimited Orchestra.

Sher dedicates her musical contribution to the late Etta James.

About Wayne Wesley Johnson ...

"Wayne Wesley Johnson and I have been friends for about a million years...we've travelled all over the world together...Wayne's a fine guitarist and fine drummer, too" Guitar Legend, Les Paul at The Iridium, NYC

'WORLD CLASS GUITARIST'...Internationally recognized, this award winning guitarist performs on acoustic, electric, nylon & steel string guitars and guitar synthesizer in a variety of musical styles and genres. A pioneer of the 'New Sound of Santa Fe' tm and 'Jazzamenco' tm., the artist performs in thumbpicking, fingerstyle, and flatpicking styles...playing jazz, world, new age, latin & rumba flamenca and with classical techniques. Wayne is currently a guitar instructor and member of the faculty of the Santa Fe Community College. In addition to his concert, corporate and private performances, Wayne has also become known by many as Santa Fe, New Mexico's Premier Wedding Guitarist, in high demand for both ceremonies and receptions, alike.

This charismatic performer has shared the stage with some of the world's finest guitarists, too... Formerly a drummer and touring companion with legendary guitarist's Les Paul, and Nokie Edwards (The Ventures), Wayne has also shared the stage with Mason Williams, George Benson, Bucky Pizzarelli, BB King, Scotty Moore, Howard Roberts, Larry Carlton, Chet Atkins, Thom Bresh (Son of the legendary guitarist Merle Travis), Tom Doyle, Ruben Romero, Antonio Mendoza, Tommy Emmanuel, Seymour Duncan, Stephen Bennett, Stephen King, Richard Smith, Anthony Smith, Tim Farrell, Edgar Cruz, Lou Pallo *The Les Paul Trio), John 'Nightwolf' Nelson, Jon Paris, Roberto Gonzales and more.

Wayne, is a regular annual performer at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society (CAAS), Nokie Festival, Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists (AFG) and the Guitars for life (GFL) benefit concerts.

Wayne has performed either as a soloist or with others in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Les Paul), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, England, China, Hong Kong, & nearly all 50 states.

Wayne now spends his time touring, performing, songwriting, recording and producing music for his own artist owned Wannadu record label.


  • WWJ has performed and toured with Living Guitar Legend, Les Paul
  • WWJ has performed and recorded with Nokie Edwards (The Ventures) ,Thom Bresh (Merle Travis' Son), Tom Doyle, Lou Pallo, Gao Hong, Tim Farrell, Anthony Smith, Edgar Cruz, Ruben Romero, Mario Reynolds, Matthew Vaughn, Jon Gagan, Josef Martinez, Ben Lucero, K.C. Morris and others.
  • WWJ has performed with Mason Williams (Composer of Classical Gas)
  • World Class Recording & Performing Artist...NAMM/BMI/NARAS
  • "Artist of the Month" New Mexico Music Commission
  • "Artist of the Month" Jan. 2012 KJazzRadioUK
  • "Album of the Month" Jan 2012 KJazzRadioUK
  • Twice nominated for the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award.
  • Guitar Instructor / Adjunct faculty Santa Fe Community College
  • Honorary Member AFG -- Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists
  • Annual Performer/Member CAAS -- Chet Atkins Appreciation Society
  • Soave, Italy Guitar Festival Award Winner
  • GFL -- Guitars for Life Award Winner
  • John Lennon Songwriter's Contest Winner
  • Grammy Award Contestant
  • WAYNE'S MUSIC ON TV/FILMS... MTV's "Made", Roswell, Malcolm in the Middle, Discovery Channel, Outward Bound, The Weather Channel.

About Sher Lindsey-Ham...

"Let's-see-what-she-can-do...and watch them sit up in their seats!" Sher Lindsey-Ham is a complete package of music, story, life's experiences and an uncompromising love for what she does best...sing...perform! Sher knows her audience, she senses their feelings, she responds to their every reaction and turns it all back on to them with absolutely delightful results. She is in total audience and personal control. No matter the song, she tells it's story like it should be told...happy, sad, soulful, lonely, funky, funny, loving...whatever the's all there...spilling over with a love for those watching and listening in the darkness.

Sher has performed in many venues, from jazz festivals to exclusive private events. Sher has spent many years honing her estimable skills, beautifully texturing her pure, sultry and smoky vocals with a sensual, jazzy musical style. California/New England based producer, singer, songwriter and composer, Sher Lindsey-Ham, continues to broaden her base of appreciative and passionate fans all over the world.

Sher penned the songs that would launch her recording career on the newly released debut album, "Unraveled." The musical passions of Sher Lindsey-Ham are very evident in her music. The reactions to her music is just as passionate. "What a dynamic lady!" "Her sound is exciting to the soul yet calming to the spirit." "Music with personality!" "The dedication to her musicianship and the breadth of her experience are evident in every song."

Sher's talent, however, extends beyond the pen and the microphone. She is the owner and President of OFDProductions, Promotions, and Sound Designs. It's there she has expanded her passion for music into the recording studio. Her studio world is one of percussion grooves and keyboard sounds that brings new creativity to a variety of jazz sounds. Sher's creative thumbprint on smooth jazz, chill, lounge, and R & B, is unique and unmistakable. Most importantly, Sher has added her expertise in the area of digital mixing and mastering. Those who utilize OFDProductions for their projects can opt to utilize the sensuous sounds of Sher's sexy alto voice, use Sher's worldwide promotion connections, and benefit from her unmatched talent in the mixing and mastering process.

Using the best recording software on the market, Sher Lindsey-Ham spends hours listening to combinations of reverb, delay, EQ, and stereo imaging to create that perfect yet unique pearl of sound for the voice, the melody, the lyric and the rhythm. Never satisfied with the sound of just one set of studio speakers, she will listen to take after take in a variety of headsets, rooms, and even be found racing down a New England freeway with speakers blaring in her trademark BMW, just to ensure that the sound, the energy and the passion is just right.

Sher believes that music is a feeling, and that great music involves a great deal of emotion. The production of music is no different. "If the music doesn't move you," she says, "it's just words, notes and chords. It's all for nothing."

That level of emotion carries into the production studio, where she challenges the artist to make her laugh, cry, shout for joy or fall into despair. She coaches those who enter the realm of OFD to push their talents, their gifts, and their passion to the limit. A session with Sher will leave you jazzed, yet exhausted.

Along with her 2011 debut album, "Unraveled," last year Sher produced "The Cheyenne Loca Project," a video of the Italian model, Cheyenne Loca's, portfolio, with all original music done in three suites. She manages and produces several projects for large corporations, internet radio stations, as well as individual clients. Sher is now the co-host for KJAZZ Radio UK which broadcasts from its studio in Southern England and globally via the internet.

When you visit Sher Lindsey-Ham at OFDProductions or listen to her perform live, you will find every lyric, every note of melody, and every beat of rhythm embraces meaning. Prepare to have your mind unraveled and your soul overwhelmed with passion.


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