Welcome to my new website!

Hello friends and fans. Welcome to my new Website. The website is accessible via www.Waynewesleyjohnson.com or www.Wannadu.com which is my company name.   I would like to extend my thanks to Jaijai Jackson of Jazz Network Worldwide for all of her belief in me, her efforts on my behalf and for designing this beautiful website for me and to my Keystone Chapter YPO Forum for their financial support in doing so. 

I've been busy as can be with gigging and a new teaching position, teaching beginner and advanced guitar at Music Mart in Albuquerque,NM. Never too late to learn and I am accepting new students. Www.musicmart.com . I've also been working with Jaijai on the website and on several various music projects, including new recordings and remastering older recordings at Rt. 66 Studios (David Heidt, Engineer)  and assembling a couple of new bands. "Wes & Mito"  have been performing "Jazzamenco" tm  together for a number of years, teaming up after the passing of my late recording partner, Ruben Romero. In addition, I have teamed up with several other artists and formed the "EZ Company" Classic Country Band, performing Traditional 'Ole' Country Music and yet another band "Ambiance"... performing Soulful, Sensuous & Smooth Sounds. We are rehearsing and gigging. 

Two of our bands ("EZ Company" Classic Country Band and "Wes & Mito" Jazzamenco tm Band)  are prepping for an upcoming Show during Balloon Fiesta next week. Both bands will be performing for Fallen Soldiers Bike Ride  on Sun. Oct 15th from 2-5 pm at Las Ristras in Corrales, NM. It's a Fundraiser for Supporting our troops.

Freda Ruiz and I had a small local "Its About Time" wedding on Sept 25th...so we are now officially married after 21 years. We are both very happy about this. Will post some photos once we receive them.

Things are moving along nicely on the recording front, too. Remasters of earlier recordings and several bonus tracks will become part of a double album set.  Also,  Hypnotic Safari and Canciones del Alma albums have been remastered and will be re-released, soon.  Hopefully, some product will be available for the holidays.

"Rappin Rumba" aka "Street Love" is another project I have been working on concurrently and nearly completed now. Produced by me, it is a slight departure for me musically...a fusion piece aimed at a larger market and demographic. Albuquerque's top Rap/Hip Hop Artist, "Ryzhun" and I have teamed up to create a radical merger of rumba flamenca (Gipsy Kings-like) rhythms with rap lyrics and Featured guest artist, Tony Exum, Jr, a currently popular Smooth Jazz Saxophonist from Colorado Springs will be adding some solo tracks. He advised me that he is in the studio now, recording those tracks. Once he completes his tracking, he will drop box the files to my engineer...they will be added to the tracks Ryzhun and I have already completed. Then, the tune will be mixed and mastered and ready for release as a Single. This smaller project will be completed soon. This has been fun.

Now that the new website has been launched ad new music is forthcoming, we will begin focusing on the marketing and PR efforts. Our goal is to get me more International exposure, music sales and airplay, and concert performances.

New recording  projects are already currently underway.  A new album which is already a work in progress will be a Wannadu Production and on this project I am joined by several friends that are also among the top guitarists in the Nation . Thom Bresh, Lou Pallo, Tom Doyle, Edgar Cruz, Tim Farrell, Anthony Guitar Smith, bassist-Jon Gagan, and drummer-KC Morris. All came to New Mexico to join me in the studio. Two tracks from that project have previously been released and will be included as bonus tracks in the Double Album I spoke of earlier. "Ticklestick" which features WWJ,  Edgar Cruz & Lou Pallo and "Summertime" which features all the guys. "Ticklestick" was an Award winner Best Instrumental/Best Jazz Categories NMMA- 2016 and held a #1 position for several weeks on JazzRadioUK.com. The remaining tracking for the new album with my friends is about 70% completed.  Upon completion I will begin woking on an album with our new band "Ambiance". 

As regards live performances, I invite you to check out my calendar of scheduled performances and catch a show or two if you can.  Some are solo performances, and some are with my bandmates. Also please check out my social sites and friend or follow me wherever possible. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Eldorado Hotel (Heritage Hotels) in Santa Fe and Jude Sanchez at Las Ristras in Corrales, NM for the steady weekly gigs that allows me the opportunity to perform my music for local fans and visitors to our beautiful state. 

Thank You 


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